Monday, August 22, 2011


No one can cheat death several times and not pay for it!
At 18 months, the car she was travelling in with three other adults went down a ravine,
she was the baby who did not get hurt.
At 6, she was hit by a motorcyclist when alighting a public bus, she ended up
with a five-day coma in the hospital.
She was down with malaria and dengue when she was nine, they wrote about her in the newspaper.
"First dengue carrier in Pahang". No names mentioned of course. To protect the identity of a juvenile.
At 14, the car in which her father was driving met with an oncoming lorry – the family was thrown off to the side of the road, the car badly damaged;
At 21, the sampan she was riding on capsized in a crocodile infested sea. She was on a trip to Tasik Bera, to live with a couple of indigenous folks.
When she was 30, the four tyres of the car she was driving suddenly exploded, lucky there was a tyre repair shop nearby; the workman who saw her car remarked:
"The driver of this car must have died quite badly!".
When studying at the university, she fell into a drain, her left knee hurt by the sharp, rugged edge; the injury left a "V" sign on her leg.
Is that "V" for victory, the doctor who gave her 20 stiches asked with a laugh.
She was an accident prone child who lived as if there was no tomorrow.
With every fall, crash, and collision, she woke up and walked again, she ran and dived
she sommersaulted, while parachuting, and one day jumped off the Penang bridge.
She did not drown. She proved to herself at last, she was a cat who had nine lives.
But yesterday, while trying to cross the road in front of her home, a car came speeding and crashed into her. She died on the spot. She didn't know, that death, her jilted lover, had finally come to visit her.

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